The NBA All Body Odor Team

To celebrate opening night, The D Bag Journal is proud to announce the NBA All Body Odor Team. This list is for those athletes who are too busy or too lazy to wash up and just don’t care. And the winners are:

The Brothers Gasol – Legend has it that the two brothers are so competitive that they once both went 13 months without showering as part of a “first one to shower loses” contest.

Dirk Nowitzki – He’s known for 2 things – a sweet jumper and BO that you can smell from Germany

Luis Scola – if you close your eyes and smell your computer screen you can smell Scola AKA Scuzz

Kwame Brown – Ask anyone and they’ll tell you how bad this guy stinks

Joakim Noah – I would wager a left nut that his BO is as bad as his haircut

Honorable Mention

Greg Oden – He just has to smell right?

Mehmet Okur – I actually met him once at a charity event and his BO was so bad that they my eyes were watering for the photo. He also has dragon breath.


3 thoughts on “The NBA All Body Odor Team

  1. Hey the one who wrote this article.. did u ever smell yourself??? am pretty sure u smell worse than this guys.. You don’t have to tell the world you insecure little jerk!!! wash yourself first before commenting on others.

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