10 Reasons Ben Roethlisberger Is A Douche

#10. Look at him – if anyone ever screamed douchebag
#9. Having a nickname like Big Ben – already hated him because of that
#8. Because he is an NFL quarterback and raped someone
#7. Because he has fans that are kids who idolize him and he raped someone
#6. Because he got off with no jail after raping someone
#5. Because he has to sit out 6 games (a break not a punishment) after raping someone
#4. Because he had “friends” help out when he raped someone
#3. Because this is probably not the first time he raped someone
#2. Because the douche raped someone
#1. Because raping someone only confirmed what many people already thought of him


5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Ben Roethlisberger Is A Douche

  1. Really? Did a woman write this??? It’s not very clever, no real thinking involved, as everything had to do with the bogus ‘rape’ charges. If you Google ‘images of Ben Roethesberger’, you will see a multitude of pics. with him posing with women hanging all over him (fans?? maybe, but not of his steller ability on the field), there are candid shots of more of the same. So, you would be a fool to believe that the man had to resort to rape when he’s getting p***y thrown at him everywhere he goes, it simply makes no sense, the man has the ‘pick of the litter on any given night. His accuser probably did have sex with him and perhaps she sobered up realized she shouldn’t have done it, or they had sex and at the conclusion, he gave her the boot, shattering her plans to be Mrs. Roethlisberger. Who knows what happens behind closed doors? Nobody. But I know Roethlisberger did not rape that woman.

  2. Aimee,
    I’m a guy. A big hairy ugly guy who can actually score occasionally. But, and I could be wrong, your name suggests you are a woman. The saddest thing is, as a woman, I cannot believe that you think rape is about sex. It’s about power, and exercising that power over someone. What rock do you live under?

  3. And he’s a shitty tipper. Come on man. When u dine at a casual dining restaurant and u are worth about 20mil. Dont be a bitch or act like ur too cool. Classless this guy. Shocking.

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