Fat Luke Wilson & 4 Other Douches I Cannot Stand

Let me begin by saying that I know that these douche bags should not even be on my radar in life. That said, we all have those commercials and people who drive us up the f’in wall. This is my list of people who I hate and actively try to avoid.

Fat Luke Wilson

Can someone please make sure Luke reads this. Every day 100+ people search for “Fat Luke Wilson Douche” and end up at my site. Now, I realize that this is not a lot of people but those are the aholes that actually want to see more of him. Everytime I see his stupid face on the AT&T commercial, I scream “Fuck You” at the television and honestly have lost all respect for him as a human. I also recently broke my copy of Old School as my form of personal revenge. Most AT&T plans can be ended so please break the contract and get back to making dickless comedies. Oh and your brother is a douche too.

David Boreanaz

The fact that this idiot has a job and that Bones as a show has 100 episodes makes me hate my country. I tolerated him on Angel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer but this Bones bullshit has to stop. Every promo is the same and I can’t imagine what on earth the fanbase is attracted to. I’ve only seen this dipshit interviewed a few times but he has the same shit eating grin, punch-me-in-face dumb look and horribly scripted phony stories each time. Please go away.

Craig Ferguson

Just don’t get him at all. He’s one of the people I think of when someone says Douche Bag. He forces the shit out of any joke (I use that word with great caution) he tells. Hate, Hate Hate him.

Dane Cook
I hate his face, his lowest common denominator comedy, his voice, his laugh and most everyone who tells me they like him.

Ryan Cabrera
Again – just don’t get him at all – no talent of any kind and deserves a good kick in the nuts. I thankfully don’t come across him much but whenever I do, he drives me insane.


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