Top 10 Things Overheard by Southwest Airlines Employees About Kevin Smith

Top 10 Things heard by Southwest Airlines Crew before asking Kevin Smith to buy 2nd seat ticket for being fat

#10 – His nickname might be Silent Bob because I know its not Hungry Bob.

#9 – Our slogan is Bags Fly Free – Not Fat Douche Bags Fly Free

#8 – God, he really let himself go – make him buy another ticket it’ll be funny.

#7 – After you kick lunchbox off the plane, ask for an autograph for my boyfriend – he loved Clerks.

#6 – I’ve got an idea of what we can do to get back at him for Jersey Girl.

#5 – I’m pissed I am working on V- Day – let’s fuck with fattty boombalatti.

#4 – Tell him to move to the middle of the plane or else we might end up in Seattle.

#3 – This job would be great if it wasn’t for the fucking customers.

#2 – Think I just spotted our winner of Mr. Fat Fuck of the Flight – give him his prize

#1 – On Twitter he’s ThatKevinSmth – in Person He’s FatKevinSmith


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