Dear Douches Who Don’t Grasp The Concept of BCC

If this letter is about you please do this to your computer

Dear Douche Bag(s),

I hate you. Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) sound pretty self-explanatory doesn’t it? It’s that sneaky 3rd option down on every email that is sent. The purpose can be a variety of things from an “FYI” to secret FYI to a “FU FYI”. Not sure if its the use of the BCC acronym or its secretly done on purpose as some form of instant karma but some of you douche bags consistantly show how computer savvy you truly are and it drives me fucking nuts. Here are a few of my favorite offendors:

Your Buddy The Douche – I have one friend who should be on his own reality show called the Deadliest Catch 2 as he loves to fuck (and brag) dirty sluts and share emails/texts/pics from them. While I always appreciate them, he has a bad habit of mixing up CC & BCC. It always adds a layer of funny when the girl immediately responds with “You Asshole – don’t ever call me again”. Just did a quick count in my head and he’s done this 13 times (so far). Dude, please give up BCC and stick to forwarding emails you douche.

The Work Douche – There is one guy in every office I have ever worked on who loved, loved loved the BCC – thought it made him cool, in control and some sort of information power broker. His downfall is that there has also been one “I Don’t Grasp Concept of BCC” douche receiving that email and responding for all to see that Douche A sent a BCC to Douche B. Just CC someone you work douche.

The Sorority Douche – This is the slut who BCC’s other sluts with the intent being a bitch. You’ve heard the expression, talk behind someone’s back” – this is the electronic idiot’s version on that expression because these skanks known for fickle relationships and pull up old emails like they were trial lawyers in an eDiscovery case. Just stop being stupid you douche

What can be done about this? I’d like to ask some nerd coder out there to figure out a way to lock up the Reply All option on any email where you have been BCC’ed. There – problem solved.



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