TFLN Book Review: Funny Ha Ha Not Funny Queer

In the film Slingblade, a retarded Billy Bob Thorton uttered the phrase “Funny Ha Ha Not Funny Queer” to note his appreciation of humor. After reading the recently released book Texts From Last Night, consider me retarded. I first heard about the TFLN site after texting a picture of my left nut to a friend with the subject “McDonald’s New Chicken McNuggets”. He threatened to send it into the TFLN site but thankfully for them he did not.

While the TFLN franchise has a website, iphone app & twitter account (@tfln) , it was good to see a book released as it should help encourage another segment of society to engage in the sport of drunk texting. I also really enjoyed the book’s length (I know I just sound just like your mother talking about length). Too often, books in this genre try to stretch the material and only end up watering it down.

The book is essentially a “best of the best” (which is saying a lot) and features texts about everything from great sex to poor judgment

Here are a few favorites:

“Dude, I just spun my iPhone on my boner without it falling off. I belong in cirque du soleil.”

“Your sister got a Brazilian yesterday. It looks great”

“You think if I promise to behave for the rest of my life, God will let me fuck her on the regular?”

Excerpted from Texts from Last Night by Lauren Leto and Ben Bator.Copyright © 2010 by Ben Bator and Lauren Leto. Published by GothamBooks, a member of Penguin Group (USA), Inc.


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