5 Things I Hate About The Jets

The Fact That These Shoes Exist .......

5 – Rex Ryan is slowly becoming the biggest douche in the history of the NFL – please get him some meds, a gag and some diet pills.

#4 – Mark Sanchez is not Tom Brady – not on the field, not in the club, not even close – please stop saying he is. Anyone who says “what is Brady doing this weekend?” He’s banging Gisele which is better than anything Sanchez will ever do in his entire life.

#3 – They don’t know how to win. It’s been 10 years since they made it this far and based on what I witnessed from these douche bag fans this past weekend, you would’ve thought they won the fucken Super Bowl.

#2 – The true Jets fans are considered by other New Yorkers to be the scum of state. They most likely root for the Mets, are unemployed & most read at a 2nd-grade level.

#1 – I HATE the Jets chant and anyone who says it can suck my D-I-C-K Dick Dick Dick.


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