Would You Bang Kelly Cutrone?

There's a strong B, small C trying to get out in this side tit shot

This morning there was a press call to discuss the new show Kell on Earth. While The DBag Journal was not included (thanks @Bravotv), it did spur a great lunch discussion that spilled over to the rest of the office about whether you would bang Kelly Cutrone.

The following are 5 reasons I would and 5 reasons against banging Ms Cutrone – please enjoy

5 Reasons Why I Would Bang Kelly Cutrone

#5 – She’s in PR and could tell everyone about our epic love-making sessions, I’d develop a signature move called the People’s Sexual Revolution.

#4 – She’s bossy enough that I bet she would get pretty freaky on my birthday and our anniversary.

# 3 – She’d probably want to film our sexual encounters for the new show as sleeping with me would be hell on earth but it would give her (a workaholic) the opportunity to yell Bravo and get a few brand plugs in.

#2- There’s something about a strong woman who doesn’t care about wearing make up that makes me horny in my genitals.

#1 – I’d have to consult my TIVO freeze frame but I think she has some decent tits hiding in all that black couture.

5 Reasons I would NOT Bang Kelly Cutrone with your dick

#5 – There are C*nts and then there is Kelly – I think my dick would be too worried that it might get yelled out to perform – (he nickname in my house is The Blunt C *nt)

#4 – I don’t fuck women with terrible arm tattoos

#3. Have you looked at her – not sure if its her glowing personality or always tired look – she should have a website called http://www.frumpy.com/her

#2 – She looks like she would be a lot of work – not high maintenance but it would take me awhile to finish the 30 beers I would need to drink to get it up for her.

#1. Anyone surrounded in a PR office by that much young hot puss has no shot of getting any attention.

Would you bang her? Didn’t think so


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