Why Jay Leno Is The Greatest American Super Zero

Believe it or not,
He’s still on the air
I never thought I could hate N-B-C.
Please make him go away on a wing and a prayer.
Who else would agree?
Believe it or not it’s just me.

Can someone please explain why this goofy, old man still has a show? He is not funny, he’s horrible at interviews and has not done anything of note in decades. NBC had a chance to put him down but pussed out and now I have to watch him waste one hour of prime programming space 5 nights a week with his bull shit.

A few things that make him a douche bag:

His Laugh – my balls crawl up inside of me when he cackles

His Delivery – he tells jokes like old people fuck – slow & with no rhythm

His Love of Cars
– We get it – you love them – move on

His Work Ethic – Just because he works hard does not make him good at something if anything it make me hate him more because of the time wasted being an unfunny douche

His Chin – great for muff diving bad for on-air

His Hair – when did skunk-like become a look you would want

I think its time that we put dear ol’ Jay down – Old Yeller style bitch


3 thoughts on “Why Jay Leno Is The Greatest American Super Zero

  1. The best thing I’ve ever seen on leno was tonight with Jimmy Kimmel doing the 10 at 10. Jimmy used every question to rip on jay…it was hilarious. He was relentless and even jay’s audience was laughing at the jokes. jay needs to throw in the towel. shit jay’s audience rarely laughs at jays own jokes, they just clap like retarded monkeys.

  2. he is the lowest common denominator. He is a douche of epic proportions. don’t blame him though, blame the cunts at nbc who keep him on the air. would you take millions of dollars to not be funny on tv? of course you would. it makes me feel crunchy all over how not funny he is. i wonder if he has any idea how sad and lame he comes across and just doesn’t care because people are laughing at every stupid pile of dump that rolls out of his gigantic head.

    This is a sign that humanity is at an end, jay leno is a douche, and i have nothing more to say on the subject

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