Top 10 Douche Bags of the Decade

The Thief – Bernie Madoff

Stop and think about what this guy did.  He ruined millions of people savings, trashed companies and will forever be known as a scumbag.  There are crooks and then there is Bernie.

After months of foolish debate, we at The D Bag Journal are very pleased to share our list of the Top 10 Douche Bags of the Decade. Please don’t be a douche about who made the list as this is our area of expertise. You may be good at being a Douche Bag but we’re good at spotting them.

Congrats to all of you who made the list – in no particular order, the winners are:

The Reality Star

Reality TV brought these f-sticks into our house – now we can’t seem to get rid of them. They have redefined the term Douche Bag and have made 15 minutes seems like 15 years.

The Fashion Douche Bag
Ed Hardy

While the staff debated his worthiness on this list since any clothes are better than having a douche bag go shirtless. These clothes have now become the “official gear” of the douche bag and for that, you Ed Hardy are a branded douche. Nice wines too A-hole (roll eyes) – Do you stomp the grapes with your feet or just piss out the wine?

The Terrorist

911 Douche Bags

Osama & these 19 Douche Bags were part of the worst day in the decade – I hope they are rotting in Hell.

The Global Leader
George W. Bush

As POTUS, he is supposed to be a respected global leader and senior elder. All politics aside, think about what this guy did and said for 8 years in office. He was a stumbling, bumbling idiot who was hated around the world and turned a respected position into an easy joke.

Parental Douche Bags

Jon & Kate

These 2 bother me on many levels. Ruined TLC, marriage, parenting and dating. This jerk off dad (of 8 little kids) is sneaking around with trailer trash while his C word wife talks to US magazine about his Ed Hardy shirts – unreal.

The Disgraced Politician

Larry Craig

This may be my favorite story from the decade as this psycho was caught soliciting sex from a male cop in the stall of an airport bathroom. His response to the accusations : “I have a wide stance” – I love it so much that I may get it etched on my gravestone. Hey Larry – the closet called, they want you out of there.

The Billionaire Athlete
Tiger Woods

I debated including him but any married billionaire celebrity who fucks the night waitress at Perkins is a douche bag. His taste in women baffles me and his cocky smile has always irked me – so F you Tiger and good luck washing the Perkins stink off your balls.

The Hurricane Douche Bag

Katrina, “Browny” from FEMA & Ray Nagin

This hurricane has forever tainted the name Katrina. Collectively, this is a triple play that you have nightmares about – city is devastated, people killed, suffering, panic, help is no where to be found and mayor is a morally bankrupt, corrupt publicity whore.

The Tell Me Again Why You are Famous Douche Bag
Paris Hilton

She is one of the few thin blondes who can release a sex tape that was not sexy in any way. She is a douche bag magnet, has a horrible catchphrase and is the sole dumb bitch that I personally blame for all of the other dumb bitches in America wearing huge douchebag sunglasses. Way to go dummy.

Who did we miss?


12 thoughts on “Top 10 Douche Bags of the Decade

  1. OK. So Bush is listed and Madoff, but not Obama? The idiot that’s jamming through the biggest ponzi scheme ever (healthcare “reform” for you slow folks out there) and his administration has blown more money than any EVER in the history of our country, throwing us farther in debt to countries like China (better buy that Rosetta Stone Chinese version quick), yet he’s conveniently left off your list. Maybe you guys should have included yourselves on this list. With Obama, of course.

  2. Wow, GGR, you accuse me of being “one of those morons who thinks he smart”, yet your grammar is what’s way off here. You should have typed “he’s”, as in “he is”. Get a dictionary or thesauraus or try passing the 2nd grade. Even better, why don’t you get a Rosetta Stone “English” version. That could help you a lot.

    And as for not being political, get real. 3 of the items on your list are political. Sounds like you’re the idiot.

  3. Wow, Matt Ander has a lot of rage. You realize this site is called the Douche Bag Journal right? You are bringing your bush loving red state crap to a joke website? What a fucking tard. Also, any dickhead that goes for the “poor grammar” card on a site like this proves himself to be a huge douche bag. I nominate Matt Ander to be added to the list. What a fucking moron Douche bag!!!!

  4. Either someone’s gotta be bumped off the list or you gotta add #11, dude….obviously DoucheMatt isn’t jerking off ENOUGH. What the fuck is he even doing here? BTW, nice list…wouldn’t change a thing. Promoting it for ya

  5. Where’s the guidos from Jersey Shore? (Just Kidding great list btw even though I would have posted Sarah Palin) ;D

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