Why Trash TV Is The Only TV Worth Watching

We’ve all heard the term Trash TV. From Jerry Springer to Sally Jesse, it is allegedly used to describe a television program that depicts mindless programming. I thinks its more about making the person who says it to you feel better about themselves.

To those A-holes, I say screw you.

I used to be embarrassed when people would cast aside my viewing choices. “You watch Jersey Shore” or “I can’t believe you watch Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab”. Was I watching the wrong shows? Should I’ve been ashamed for enjoying these programs?

The answer is a resounding no and guess what – Trash TV is the only TV actually worth watching. When I take a hard look at the shows that I watch and truly enjoy, they all are probably all considered trash (with the exception of sports which is mindless to a different population)

So what make a show trash:

Trash can be found on the following channels: MTV, VH1, Bravo, WB and A&E.

Trash is Hoarders where I almost puke each and every episode
Trash is Jersey Shore where I sincerely disappointed when its over
Trash is Million Dollar Listings where I want to put my fist through Chad Rogers face
Trash is Steven Adler smoking crack in the bathroom and stumbling around rehab

To any network execs who may read my trashy blog – listen up as Americans viewers can now best be summed up as the following Sesame Street character


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