How Mad Men Sold Spuds McKenzie to Budweiser

Like the rest America, I have been watching Mad Men and started to think of when the era of drinking at the work place stopped. Having spent time on the agency side and at a newspaper, I might have a little experience in the area. While I am no Don Draper, I have peddled a little BS and might have tasted the bourbon on the company clock. I did a quick memory scan of what commercials may have been produced under the guidance of a drunken production staff and think I have identified the winner for the award of “most likely to have been sauced when we came up this idea”.

Picture this – The year in 198X, the whole team is drunk, high and with 30 minutes before the Budweiser pitch, Ad exec 1 looks at the company dog and has an epiphany. Put glasses on the dog, tell everyone the dog is a total pussy hound who loves to party – BANG – Spuds McKenzie was born.

Now think about this. Some asshole from Budweiser corporate creative is told this concept, expresses interest, sells his company on the concept and is not fired or drug tested, produces a series of commercials, promotions and garbage all around a weed-induced idea.
I think I may have just solved the mystery about what the Bud in Budweiser is all about (hayo)


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