Trust Me Chris Brogan – Twitter is Full of Douche Agents


I love Social Media because as Chris Brogan (co-author of Trust Agents) says, it can be a place to build “trust”. As my grandfather always told me, you have to be honest with people to build trust. Well Trust me when I tell you, I love Twitter. I love it because its one of those tools that people forget other people they don’t know can read. I love how honest people are, how they put their pictures, real names and real stupidity on display.

Case Study #1
Twitter Name: Agent Vagina or @whorified
Facebook Name: Chewy.tit

From @whorified’s bio : Enjoys Writing & Singing (that’s cool – an artist), HTML, web/graphic design(with a geeky side), german cars (bit different but cool), computers, reading (geek again), sex, & ganja (what – did the BMW driving, yodeler who likes to program in C++ just close with some sex and weed).

Is she kidding? It’s one thing to be the weird Twitter hooker but to have your real name associated with Agent Vagina (my nickname in high school), Chewy Tit (my nickname at work) and sex & ganja as 2 things I “also” enjoy is Mastercard priceless.


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