How 8 Female Bowlers Crushed The Dreams of 1 Fake Male Stripper


A friend named J told me about his recent trip with his youth Hockey team to Minnesota. As the ass’t coach, he does very little and on away trips, there so many chaperones that he has to do even less. As a former hockey player, J carries most of the traits of his ice brethren. He is in reasonably good shape, likes to have a good time and has been know to be less picky with whom he beds with. In MN for a tourney, J found himself planted at the hotel bar by 8:30. He has a religious drinking routine where he drinks only hard alchohol straight-up to limit his caloric intake while maximizing his buzz. By 11:30, J is ready to close out his tab and stumble back to his room. As he orders his final drink, 8 woman enter the tiny bar. J instantly realizes two things: 1) No men are with them and 2) Not one is under 200 pounds. Add condoms and J’s Blood Alchohol Content to this mix and you have the makings of a deadly sexual Hat Trick.

Never shy (when bombed), J slides over to the heffers table and starts to chat them up. Turns out that that they are a group of women bowlers who are out for a tourney and celebrating one girls birthday. J buys a round of shots and within 30 minutes has convinced them all that he is a semi-pro hockey player and male stripper (in the off season). Now J has never done either of these things and its not until the girls get very wasted that they start offering J $300 to strip for them. He somehow gets them to pay his bar tab, hand over 1/2 of the cash in advance and walks with them back to their room.

In retelling me the story, J said they put the radio and it took roughly 5 minutes for them to figure out that 1) he was not a stripper and 2) he was very fucken wasted. He said he danced in front of the room for 30 seconds, ripped off all of his clothes and went from heffer to heffer pinning them down on the bed and banging his c*ck on thier face. One lady stood up and screamed “enough – get the fuck out of here” and he did. He went back to his room with $150, a story and life lesson that being a male stripper to a room full of fat bitches is hard work.

PS – J has 200 stories like this and I have witnessed 20+ of them so know he is telling the whole truth and nothing but.


One thought on “How 8 Female Bowlers Crushed The Dreams of 1 Fake Male Stripper

  1. I know a guy that moved cross country that way repeatedly…almost as bad as being a guy (i.e: male kearny) and getting wasted in the middle of nowhere New England (or Texas for that matter) and then bopping yourself over the head with a Grolsch bottle in order to prove how hard YOUR head is, while knowing you’re bound to someone who is elsewhere at the time. I WAS learning how to juggle, but this convinced me to just go study harder and look for a job elsewhere. Now, I only juggle in private. Yes, I have a juggling fetish .

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