Top 10 Things Sarah Silverman and Lady Gaga Have in Common


But butter but butter butterface is a little little diddy that I like to sing under my breath whenever I see Lady Gaga on TV. Not only is she tough on the eyes, it has long been suggested that she might be more of a dude gaga than a lady. I’m not saying that she isn’t talented just that she may be more of a stander than a sitter when it comes time to piss.

In that spirit, the DBJ had created a Top 10 List of things Sarah Silverman (our fav tranny) and Lady Gaga have in common.

#10 – Both have really awesome scrotums

#9 – Both were huge Hulk Hogan fans and used to masturbate to Macho Man’s girl Elizabeth

#8 – Both secretly refer to their significant other as Gizmo from Gremlins because they can’t get them wet

#7 – Both have earned their red wings and brown wings

#6 – Both have Adam’s apples and huge dicks

#5 – Both would fail a lie detector test for whether or not they have given mustache rides

#4 – I’ve heard Jimmy Kimmel mention that Sarah hates fish and Lady Gaga is a busted tranny.

#3 – Both love internet porn, beer and scratching their balls

#2 – I spring major wood whenever I see them and that only happens when I see trannies

#1 – Both are butterface dudes who live, dress and work as women in Hollywood – God Bless America


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