10 Reasons Why Kanye West is a Douche

#10 – Sipping Hennessey @ the VMA’s like a total jag off then pulling some stunt to get attention only confirms that you are a 2 beer queer and a douche.

#9 Kanye is a little too into fashion for a dude and his bitch does have really short hair and a huge cock – weird

#8 West took some art classes at the American Academy of Art, a Chicago art school, and also enrolled at Chicago State University, but dropped out due to poor grades before returning to his suburban life in Oak Lawn, IL – Very Thug, you dumb douche

#7 – Being a fan of Kanye West is like sleeping with a hot girl with herpes, not worth it

#6 Quote from Kanye “my music isn’t just music- it’s medicine.” Take it easy you douche

#5 – From his blog “Kanye just being Kanye” – more like Kanye just being a douche.

#4 – Quote from Kanye “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” – Easy you douche, quit trying to pretend to you have a clue about anything.

#3 – If I don`t win Album of the Year, I`m gonna have a problem with that… I said I was the face of the Grammys last year. [This year] I`m 10 times that! – you douche

#2 – Still think Kanye looks too much like Steve Urkel to be taken serious as a hip hop artist – someone give this nerd a wedgie and cram him in a locker.

#1 – Kanye – hope you learned that saying something nice about Beyonce’s wife will not improve your chances of sleeping with Jay Z but does confirm that you are and always will be a douche bag

One of these douche bags is just like the other

One of these douche bags is just like the other


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