College Diary – Week 1 – Getting Caught @ Whack-A-Mole By My Roommate

Editor’s note – My younger brother is a student @ Emerson in Boston and agreed to send me stories from his life at school (in exchange for a copy of my expired driver’s license to buy booze) he will be posting throughout the semester or I take the shit back. PS – He is a fucking idiot and I will be exploiting him weekly.

Week 1 at College

My 2nd night @ school – I went to another kids room on the floor and was drinking with my roommate, Steve. There were a ton of girls from the floor and the floor below. I made a poor decision to add some weed to mix, soon after it was suggested that I head back to my room as I may have been getting a bit loud – I did.

Once back at the room, I did what any average American high/drunk college kid does. I made a delicious bowl of cereal and sat down in front of my macbook for a little wack session to help me go night nights.

While the weed/alchohol may skewed my perception of the timeline, I clearly remembered locking the door. That was until Steve & an unnamed bitch came to check on me and walked in on me getting to know myself.

They left quickly, laughed and told most everyone I can think about the special love I was making in my room.

While it’s embarrassing to have to live on the floor with people who have heard that story, it truly sucked when the bitch who was with Steve walks into my Psychology class the following Tuesday and will not look at me but gets very red and immediately on her iPhone. I hope she get Swine Flu.

Good times



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