10 Things I Hate About Mondays

#10 – My body is pissed at me all day for what I did to it all weekend
#9 – Back to the harsh, sober reality of how poor my life has turned out
#8 – Monday morning work meetings – yah
#7 – Everybody else is also miserable that its Monday and I have to listen to their sh*t with feigned interest
#6 – Nobody ever wants to go out drinking on a Monday or says “lets go to XYZ bar as Monday’s are off the chain”.
#5 – Planning to wake up extra early so you can start some exercise and diet regimen that will help you make the life changes you promised yourself you would make – only to sleep in, be late to work and fail yet again in life.
#4 – Monday morning traffic
#3 – Getting stuck behind school buses to make you extra late
#2 – Monday morning spam clean up – I swear the Nigerians and porn marketers do email and coke all weekend
#1 – Reading top lists on blogs called The D Bag Journal – (HAYO)



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