5 Things To Consider Before Friending Me On Facebook

Dear Dude from High School,


Name a jerk-off that you went to high school with, now fast forward 20 years of not talking to, thinking about or wasting breath on. Has this absence been a void in your life? I didn’t think so. Well, thanks to Facebook you can welcome them back into your inner circle. They can look at pics of your family, know your whereabouts and “write on your wall” or take a quiz to show what cast member of Star Trek you are most like.

5 Things to consider before friending me on Facebook

1. I hated you then – I still hate you now – Fk Off
2. There was a reason we didn’t talk then – I hated you
3. We’re not friends in real life and won’t be friends in your computer screen – Fk Off
4. Giving me access to your pics, career and life gives me stuff to to write about on this site
5. Girls – I have either F’ed you or failed to F you but have zero interest in you now

Isn’t a quick google of me enough?

What part of Fuck did you not comprende?

What part of Fuck Off did you not understand?


One thought on “5 Things To Consider Before Friending Me On Facebook

  1. The girls that lost a little H.S. weight and now feel they have something to prove are the worst. They alllwayyyss think they’re too good for you because you were that asshole. Then, 3 glasses of white wine later, you’re looking at the top of their head in the back of their mom’s Pontiac Sunfire again.

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