Why I Hate Florida

Things I Hate About Florida

10. The people – in a last place tie with NJ & Long Island, there is no worse group. From the jean shorts to the mindless bible thumpers, native Floridians are the Anus of the US.

9. The bugs – not to be a huge pssy but come on. Is having a exterminator come by to spray your home a sign that your not supposed to live there?

8. The sports fans – Go Gators! No dik
FSU- eat it
Magic-heat – please
Bucs – Fins – no comment
Rays? Nope
Marlins – right

7. The Politics – check and see how many blatant criminals have held office after serving time. Also might have done something notable with Presidential election – thanks for Bush – a-h-o-l-e

6. Weather – How many times is God going to miss with his hurricanes before they get the hint.

5. Disney – no comment

4. Tim Tebow, Billy Donovan, Trent Dilfer, Joakim Noah – The Jeopardy answer to the question, who are 4 of the biggest d bags that I can think of that make me scream at the TV when their stupid faces come on it.

1-3. Florida needs to be stopped and I hate them.


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