“Hulking” Happens

A close friend of mine who may or may not have AIDS has unveiled the term “hulking” . Verb meaning: to hulk , to drink ones self into a blackout state and engage forcefully in a sexual encounter with a cougar who (as i’ve been told) will generally give up her balloon knot if choked out properly.

This term comes to us by the same man who has no criminal record as of yet but has proudly admitted that his finishing move is pinning girls arms down with his knees while stradeling her chest and finally ejaculating in her face and flopping his genitals gingerly around her mouth and nose. Please remember this when you feel the need to introduce new sexual slang into todays society, it may sound great at the time but you will eventually get AIDS and die, wind up in the sexual offenders wing at Rikers and be the topic of ridicule on the DBJ. Oh and make every married gentlemen you are friends with extremely jealous.



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