The Pursuit of Happiness

Let’s face facts in life – Men are Men Most read at a 3rd grade level and probably were in an elementary school reading group called the Turtles. Sticking with the school analogy, most men pursue puntang with a 8th grade mentality. They talk about it frequently, lie about it constantly & lose their sense of reality when they finally come in contact with some. Now we have technology as the greatest single weapon in the c u next Tuesday for Red October aiding men everywhere. There’s which should be renamed or facebook which is playboy 2.0 where whores and dbags post racy photos of themselves for “friends” or peeping toms as I like to call them. Add a craigslist killer and J date and the pimps union should have a nice lawsuit on their hands. Now add cell phones to the pssy party.
Every single male I see has a cell phone and loves the shit out it. These f wads are now using these devices to hunt p with it, share photos of p with it and most upsetting not share these photos with me. And for that I hate these cell phone having, non pssy getting, twittering dbag’s.



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