Why LOL’ing Makes My Butt Bleed

LOL – When did it become acceptable for a grown men and women to send texts, IMs or emails with “LOL” in them? More importantly, what is the true point of sending those 3 letters in a non face-to-face, non-verbal discussion. Is the intent of telling me that you are laughing out loud suppose to make me laugh out loud? Because it’s not.
Am I supposed to acknowledge your LOL with a LOL back or even worse a smily face or animated smily face. It makes me hate your face.

True Story – I was having my having blood drawn and the male nurse farted then said OMG, I am so embarrassed – I said – no problem Focker – that’s so LOL ? He said “OMG, there is blood dripping out of your butt – are you gay? I said OMG, I think I am but that fart was so LOL”.



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